Mission Emphasis

Mission Conferences

The Women's Home and Overseas Missionary Society is involved in some of the most diversified cultures of missions at home and overseas covering landscape as diverse as West, Central and South Africa, England, India, Guyana, and the Caribbean Islands. With our missionary sisters around the globe, our hope is that the Spirit of Christ will inspire a deeper appreciation to God's entire plan of reconciliation. We join together to become better equipped to witness and disciple to others.

Home Mission

South Atlantic Episcopal District - Georgia

Alabama-Florida Episcopal District - Florida

Mid-West Episcopal District - Indiana, Missouri, Tennessee

Western Episcopal District - Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Oregon, Washington

Southwestern Delta Episcopal District - Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma

Eastern North Carolina Episcopal District - Virgin Island


Overseas Mission

Piedmont Episcopal District - Jamaica (all divisions), East Angola and West Angola








North Eastern Episcopal District - Bahamas and London-Midland

Mid-Atlantic II Episcopal District - South Africa (Zimbabwe) and St. Vincent

Eastern West Africa Episcopal District - Nigeria, Central Nigeria, Rivers Nigeria, Lagos-West, Mainland, Northern Nigeria, Cross River, South-Eastern Nigeria, Southern Nigeria, Akwa Nigeria, and Port Harcourt Nigeria

Eastern North Carolina Episcopal District - India










Mid-West Episcopal District - Central Africa (Malawi and Mozambique), Trinidad-Tobago


Mid-Atlantic I Episcopal District - Guyana/Suriname, Barbados

Western West Africa Episcopal District - Liberia, East Ghana, Mid-Ghana, Cote D'Ivoire, North Ghana, Togo