Executive Board

Executive Board 2015-2019

The Executive Board consists of 24 members who serve as the Executive Committee. This Board is led by an international president, with the assistance of a first and second vice president, an executive director, recording secretary, treasurer, director of communications, twelve missionary supervisors each appointed by the Bishop of an Episcopal District and six departments that form an intergenerational bridge for mission participation, from pre-schoolers to senior adults. These Christian churchwomen seek excellence in the LORD as they look beyond traditional methods of service to create innovative approaches for kingdom building nationally and internationally.

The Executive Board, by its Constitution, has the authority to make rules and regulations governing the Society consistent with those specified in the Book of Discipline of The African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church. It also has the power to fill vacancies of elected officers during the interim of the Quadrennial Convention. The Executive Board does not have the authority to make constitutional changes.

General Officers

Dr. Sandra L. Gadson, M.D. (View Profile)
International President
E-Mail: sg.intpreswhoms@gmail.com

Mrs. Angela Davis-Baxter (View Profile)
First Vice President
E-Mail: adavisbaxter@yahoo.com

Ms. Renee Felton-Pullen (View Profile)
Second Vice President
E-Mail: rfp2vp@yahoo.com

Mrs. Rosetta J. Dunham (View Profile)
Executive Director
E-Mail: rodunham@amezhqtr.org

Mrs. Chantay F. Bouler (View Profile)
Recording Secretary
E-Mail: cbouler@fortmillsc.gov

Mrs. Jacqueline R. French (View Profile)
E-Mail: j_pinkard@bellsouth.net

Ms. Joy Kennedy, Ph.D. (View Profile)
General Coordinator of YAMS
E-Mail: joyforyams@gmail.com

Ms. Vicki L. Breaux (View Profile)
General Secretary, Youth Missionaries
E-Mail: v4YOUth@aol.com

Mrs. Cynthia L. Revels-Young (View Profile)
General Superintendent, Buds of Promise
E-Mail: whombuds@yahoo.com

Mrs. Sara S. Cherrington (View Profile)
General Secretary, Bureau of Supply
E-Mail: sscherrington47@gmail.com

Mrs. Vanessa E. Clayton (View Profile)
General Chairman, Life Members Council
E-Mail: claytonvanessa1@gmail.com

Ms. Jacqueline L. Anthony (View Profile)
Director of Communications
E-Mail: ja.comm.whoms@gmail.com

Missionary Supervisors

Mrs. Iris Miller Battle (View Profile)
Piedmont Episcopal District
E-Mail: irismbattle@bellsouth.net

Mrs. Sheila W. Monroe (View Profile)
Eastern North Carolina Episcopal District
E-Mail: swmonroe@embarqmail.com

Mrs. Camille Starnes (View Profile)
Mid-West Episcopal District
E-Mail: camillestarnes56@aol.com

Mrs. D. Diane Proctor (View Profile)
North Eastern Episcopal District
E-Mail: laydeeproctor@aol.com

Mrs. Gwendolyn B. Brumfield (View Profile)
South Atlantic Episcopal District
E-Mail: rodsbunch1@aol.com

Mrs. Devieta C. Moore (View Profile)
Mid-Atlantic Episcopal District
E-Mail: gc1stlady@aol.com

Mrs. Jacqueline I. Williams-Lartey (View Profile)
Alabama-Florida Episcopal District
E-Mail: Jacquelineinez2012@gmail.com

Mrs. Gelenia Aaron Frencher (View Profile)
Southwestern Delta Episcopal District
E-Mail: frenchergelenia@gmail.com

Ms. Susan Elizabeth Nicole Powell (View Profile)
Western Episcopal District
E-Mail: powellamez@gmail.com

Mrs. Laurenna Crenshaw (View Profile)
Central Southern Africa Episcopal District
E-Mail: Imani68@aol.com

Mrs. Cynthia Dogbe (View Profile)
Western West Africa Episcopal District
E-Mail: csdogbe@gmail.com

Mrs. Promise Effiong (View Profile)
Eastern West Africa Episcopal District
E-Mail: pceffiong67@yahoo.com